Saturday, April 11, 2009

Follow up to Mos Def vs Hitchens

Wow, Stanley Crouch just nails it. I felt so embarrassed for Mos Def because I thought his intellectual ability might possibly match his musical or acting abilities, but I was seriously mistaken. Hitchens was polite but rightfully called him out on the lack of critical thinking.

Crouch hits a walk off homer in the final paragraph:
Michelle Obama is right and that is why we would all do well to expect, even demand, more from people like Dante Terrell Smith and Cornel West. Stop buck dancing for dummies. Remember: A mind is a terrible thing to waste—especially on pop superficiality and academic blather sticky with an irresponsible eloquence. That educated lingo is used to sweeten biscuits so moldy no one should be expected to swallow them. As one history teacher wrote me about West, "Things start to go downhill for intellectuals after they release their first rap album."

Read the whole article here.

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